Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Posted by tome on 3 Dec, 2016

Catalyst is developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (DICE), it is a reboot of the 2008 release Mirrors Edge. Set to revolve around Faith’s origin and attempt to overthrow the totalitarian conglomerate of corporations who rule the city of glass. Players take control of Faith Connors, who will have the opportunity to transverse through the city known as glass. Using parko ... Continue Reading

The Sims 3: Seasons

Posted by sneska on 15 Feb, 2013

  The Four Seasons   Electronic Arts every few months publishes additions to the Sims 3 and the last one makes significant changes to the gameplay, although most of the new elements are interesting only when most of players first saw it.&n ... Continue Reading

Sleeping Dogs tend to be one of the best games of 2012

Posted by sneska on 22 Sep, 2012

   GTA and Saint's Row spirit   Sleeping Dogs is a game in the spirit of GTA and Saint's Row serials, but that doesn't mean that it's a poor copy. With a huge and detailed Hong Kong-developed world, impressive story and acting, as well as solid gameplay ... Continue Reading

Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Posted by sneska on 15 Sep, 2012

  The first expansion for excellent strategy Civilization V doesn't sound too effective, but brings enough innovation to keep us awake one more night. ... Continue Reading

Assassins Creed III The hunter and the hunted

Posted by sneska on 11 Sep, 2012

  Continuation of the famous series, which tells us about the war between Templars and Assassins. It takes us in a completely new environment, which is, by the reaction of fans, more than a wise decision, and by some, a necessary move that Ubisof ... Continue Reading

the newest gaming console. (release date: 9th of August

Posted by nezir0 on 15 Jul, 2012

  OUYA is a new game console for the TV, powered by Android. We've packed this little box full of power. Developers will have access to OUYA's open design so they can produce their games for the living room, taking advantage of everything the TV has to offer.  Best of all, OUYA's world-class controller, console, and interface come in one beautiful, inexpensive pac ... Continue Reading

Max Payne 3 Wiser

Posted by sneska on 12 Mar, 2012

... Continue Reading

WOW: Mists of Pandaria

Posted by tome on 10 Mar, 2012

Pandas will be a new playable race has its own abilities, so players who play them will receive double the statistics of food, suffer only half damage from falls from greater heights, special touch will be able to sleep the enemy for three seconds and so on. Because the pandas would not be as heroic class Death Knight, those who opt for them will have to start from the first stage of developmen ... Continue Reading

Unit 13 for the PlayStation Vita

Posted by tome on 5 Mar, 2012

Developers from Zipper Interactive released a video briefing to release shooter Unit 13 for the PlayStation ... Continue Reading

Rayman Origins PS Vita

Posted by tome on 5 Mar, 2012

  At PS Vita arcade platformer Rayman Origins moved from older consoles. This is probably one of the few instances where it should be quite the contrary. After all, this genre of games is the best fit is to a portable format that has been fu ... Continue Reading

World of Warplanes

Posted by tome on 23 Dec, 2011

  The unexpected and sudden success of the World of Tanks served as an impetus for Wargaming.net to further exploit the simple recipe for their team-base ... Continue Reading

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Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Posted by: Tome

Added on 3 Dec, 2016

The Sims 3: Seasons

Posted by: Sneska

Added on 15 Feb, 2013

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